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DC Fawcett Analyzes The Reasons For Failure Of Real Estate Agents

Many of you fail to achieve success in your professions. There can be some reasons for it. Finding out the appropriate reasons for the same and working on those areas will take you closer to eliminating failure and reaching success. Real estate agents too face such problems. In this article, Dc Fawcett analyzes the reasons for failure of real estate agents.


Real estate agents fail in the beginning

This is a fear psychology. Many real estate agents have starting trouble. When they enter the field, they don’t come with proper training and skill set. So, even before they enter the professional arena, they have to sharpen their skills and possess the required knowledge.

Lack of motivation

Many real estate agents don’t find anything challenging to do in the beginning. They may develop the fear that they will not get good contracts and stop updating themselves. Suddenly when an opportunity knocks the door, they find that they lack the competencies to carry out the task.

Lack of good presentation skills

Real estate agents don’t present their listings properly. They don’t spend much time and effort to come up with hard hitting and attractive listings. Such poorly presented listings sit in the market for a long time. So real estate agents must add images and videos to their listings. They have to come up with alluring content to market their homes. If they are not able to do so by themselves, they must hire professional content writers, photographers and top video coverage professionals. Believe me, the money is worth it.

Doing too many things at a time

Doing too many things at a time will result in a mess. Agents must concentrate on one task at a time and  do that well. This will eliminate tension and increase focus.

Disliking to prospect and to follow up

Many real estate agents hate certain things about their jobs like making calls. They feel some kind of discomfort when they make calls, especially uninvited calls. Also, they hate to follow up on clients. Ultimately they don’t build up a strong or good client base in the end. They must thus get over these psychological inhibitions to come out successfully.

Time management

Time management must be done efficiently. Repetitive work due to official discomfort  personal problems, distractions, lack of interest in the nature of work and so on can lead to inefficient time management and to production of results lacking in quality. They can organize their work. For instance: they can work for a stretch of 45 minutes and then take a 10 minute break.


Real estate agents must review their own work and identify areas where they are lacking in. They must strive to work on their areas and decrease the probability percentage of failure. Everybody loves success and real estate agents are no exception to it. They must read this review by Dc Fawcett which will be beneficial and help them to correct a few areas.