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DC Fawcett Reviews on buying luxury properties

Majority of home buyers always rely on either realtors or online sites to buy their first homes. For residential houses, this may work and you can find your dream home easily. But, this is not a case in purchasing a luxury home. You may find few options available online but there are vast of other choices hidden. How to dig them out? DC Fawcett Reviews.

DC Fawcett complaints that generally these properties are not listed in MLS website which is a great disadvantage for online buyers. The reason behind is, the luxury property owners consider it as a privacy information and they avoid unnecessary calls from random buyers. They are ready to share the data with only the potential buyers henceforth they keep this hidden from normal real estate listing websites.

Find the appreciation value of the luxury property!

If you are buying the property as an investment then you have to estimate the appreciation value first. Unlike normal residential houses, calculating the value of the luxury properties is not so easy. You can easily find the comparable homes for residential properties and valuate the price of the home. This is not a case in luxury homes, it is very hard to find the comparables for luxury homes. DC Fawcett reviews that the one go solution of this issue is to hire an appraiser who can easily calculate the price of your home. These agents will have a database which consists of land value of a particular area and the selling cost of luxury homes.

Get access to high end home market!

The easy way to know the available luxury homes in your desirable location is to find the real estate who deals with such properties in that area. The real estate agent can easily find a motivated seller for you and show you their luxury homes for sale.

Another easy way to spot the luxury home is to find a pricey foreclosure listing properties. There are popular websites which host the listing of foreclosure properties. The buyers who search for luxury properties at low price often prefer to go with foreclosure ones. The foreclosure properties are put up on sale with 10-20% discount on their market value price. Buyers who has low budget and wants to purchase the luxury homes, opt for foreclosure properties.

DC Fawcett reviews on the right time for buying luxury homes!

When you are trying hard to buy a rich home, it is important to note when is the right time for the purchase. You have to keep update of current trends of real estate market and if it is favorable for buyers, that is, the competition is very less and then you can get a good price. Spring is said to be the right season for any home purchase. During winter, many sellers often feel annoying to show off their property since there would be heavy snowfall or rain. Hence you can wait for the holidays where the open house sale is often hosted.

Bottom line

Buying luxury home is entirely a different thing from ordinary residential house purchase. But once the property is on sale, it cannot sit longer in the market which can be a great advantage for a buyer. Before making an offer, know the market value price of the property with the help of the real estate agent. This might be useful to negotiate with the seller and get a better price.


DC Fawcett Reviews – Get started with real estate rehab deal now!

“For a beginner who wants to invest in real estate, rehabbing houses can be a challenging task! Buying a property, rehabbing it by spending your time, work and money and reselling it for full market value can be a long and tedious process. Rehabbing is not so easy task but with little experience and money it can act as a great investment option”. DC Fawcett Reviews

Many realtors who have thorough knowledge on real estate business have turned into rehabber, since it is one of the most lucrative jobs. Learn it for few years and you can have more profit than other investment methods.

Things every investor should know before investing in real estate rehab process!

Location is a very important criterion which has to be analyzed before buying the rehab property. Many realtors often concentrate more on purchasing the property in good location to sell it faster. You can easily identify such location by looking at their prices. If you are not interested in buying a property for higher prices, find properties which are developing rapidly. Such properties will be affordable and also attracts more prospective buyers. Rehabbing and selling such houses can earn you great money quickly!

DC Fawcett reviews on how should I buy the house?

Once the location is decided, make sure you buy the house which has a sound structure. If you are going to buy a house which is not in good structure, then it is going to charge you more. It takes lot of repairs and renovation and empties your pocket easily. While searching the house for rehabbing, you can hire an appraiser who can clearly estimate the cost of home and the renovations needed.

Do not start rehabbing the house until and unless the budget and plan is ready for the job. DC Fawcett complaints that many investors have regretted their decision to buy the house which drains out their money easily. Rehabbing process requires lot of money and you need to have a sufficient capital for that.

Purpose of rehabbing the home

House rehabbing is done for 3 major purposes, which are, personal, rental and flip. Some buyers may purchase a house at a lower market value to rehab it for their personal usage. Its up to the buyers decision to renovate the house with more facilities. The more extensive the job is, the more money it will cost you. But there will be no time restrictions and work pressure while rehabbing the house for personal use

If you are rehabbing the house to rent, then avoid lavish renovations and do what is necessary for the home. You have to do the basic repair and renovations like fixing the faucets, door knobs and painting the roof etc. For flipping the homes, it depends upon your budget and the target buyers.

DC Fawcett complaints on hiring a inefficient contractor

Hiring a contractor to fix up and renovate the house can be extremely time consuming if you have a very short deadline. Do not hire one without analyzing his past work since there are many fraudsters. Refer to the well known real estate agents in the city and the hire an experienced one. Instead of paying the individual workers, you can hire contractor who can take care of all the repair works.

Check whether they have adequate time on their schedule to complete your project since many contractor are always busy with their jobs. You cannot make your house sit in the market for so long and sell it faster.

Bottom Line

Rehabbing is not task that can be handled by a single person, so it requires the perfect team work and you are the one who is going to lead the team. Time consumption, unnecessary expense avoidance and speeding up the work are really important when it comes to rehabbing the house. Marketing the rehabbed house is equally important to fine rehabbing and doing it right will sell the house faster.

DC Fawcett Reviews -Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases

It is quiet natural to feel a bit overwhelmed if you are wading into the world of commercial leases as a newbie and this perplexity exists not only with regards to this type of lease, but by every different terms that are thrown about.DC Fawcett Real Estate

Having said all that, as a matter of fact, they are not as intimidating as they sound, this piece of writing will decode all of them for your easy understanding. So, without further ado, let us get into them.


The gross lease-

  • Often used and associated with single tenant, multi-tenant office buildings, they are also applicable for industrial and retail properties, most importantly for those with seasonal income fluctuations.
  • With a better percentage lease, it allows their rent to rise and fall with income. Fixed rents are collected by the landlords and the expenditures are paid out of them.
  • Seeing that the costs add to, over time, the gross and full-service leases will contain escalation clauses that amplify over time to counterbalance tax increases and high costs involved in insurance, maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses. As a leaseholder or tenant, one should clearly understand the escalation clause to project rent expense into the future.

    The triple net lease-

  • Classified under the category of turnkey investment, in this lease structure the occupant is responsible for paying all operating expenses related to a real estate property.
  • In order to have a better understanding of triple net (NNN) lease, a clear understanding of the spectrum of commercial real estate leases is required.
  • In general, all commercial real estate leases fall somewhere along a range either with absolute net leases or absolute gross leases, anything which falls between the two is known as hybrid lease.
  • Having said that, there is always a misconception with this particular lease type and i.e., many of them think that the NNN lease offers a lot of advantages, while that being true, there is no denial about the risks that this lease has to put forth.
  • Hence even the risks involved should be taken into consideration. Uncomplicated labels like triple net, full service, or modified gross, usually used by brokers and landlords, will habitually clash with the exact terms of the lease.

    The modified net lease-

  • The modified net lease has found the middle ground between the gross lease and the triple net.
  • The landlord and occupant usually set up a split of the janitorial expenses along with the maintenance which exists in a different form, while the occupant agrees to pay taxes and insurance.
  • In this type of lease, utilities would also be negotiated. Often popular with industrial, retail or multi-tenant office properties, this lease type is highly flexible which makes things easier between the tenant and the landlord.


Now that you are aware of the types of commercial real estate leases, it is highly imperative that you understand about the legalese completely before you sign a commercial lease.

Hope you found this article helpful, stay tuned to this site to make wise real estate decisions.

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DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing club Ideas On Real Estate Startups


Real estate startups are also known as iBuyers who eliminates the tedious process experienced by sellers. DC Fawcett The home showing process, paper work, home inspection and other formalities involved in selling the house is not required when you sell your home to these startup companies who buy homes for cash.


DC Fawcett reviews talks about how a home is sold to a real estate startup. The seller can assign a time frame to sell the house and these startups even help in reselling the house for reasonable profit.

Real Estate Startups:

  • If the startups fail to resell the property within the guaranteed time, then they themselves will purchase the home.

  • The prices are fixed based on the current market value and condition of your home; the startup employees use the online medium to know about the condition of the property and give an estimate about the market value. To quote the exact price, home consultants are sent to visit the property.

  • It is uncertain that these startups offer a market value price, but the process is very quick.  This method is preferred by sellers who want to sell their home fast in case of job transfer or relocating or when they have 2 homes.

  • When compared to home flipping, these employees earn less profit but sell large volume of homes in a quick span. They can even resell your homes with a moderate renovation for profit.

  • The profit they make is equivalent to profit made by a real estate agent. These startups are constantly improving the home buying process. They assure that home inspection has been made and also guarantees the sellers that they are ready to take back their home if the buyers are not satisfied with the home.DC Fawcett complaints that the transaction costs are quite high that many buyers are unable to afford at times.

These startups have their own mobile applications through which buyers can unlock the home and inspect without the help of an agent as the homes are vacant already. These services are provided all throughout the week and can be accessed even from remote places by requesting a code.

This practice has just boomed into the market and many such startups are about to commence their services soon bridging the gap between the seller and investor.  These innovations are much necessary in the internet world.

Scam free services are guaranteed by these iBuyers, this feature attracts the sellers and buyers as they come across many fake agents. These startups have expanded the real estate market level and widen the horizons for an investor.

Conclusion :

To know more about startups and their services visit DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club  which consists of blogs written for the investors to get a vast knowledge about marketing strategies.

Virtual wholesaling is another way to sell your homes faster which is a platform for new investors to start their career easily. It doesn’t involve any money and new investors prefer this technique as no risk is involved.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Guidelines On Multiple Offer Situations


Real estate market is unpredictable because a property may remain unsold for weeks or get multiple offers at the same time. The buyers are bound to extra pressure as multiple offers have both advantages and disadvantages.

The real estate agents play a vital role in decision making while choosing between multiple offer situations as they guide the buyers to choose the right seller.


DC Fawcett reviews on multiple offer situations

  • Pre-approval and pre-qualification

The lender looks at the buyer’s financial overview and credit report. If the mortgage guidelines are satisfactory, the buyer is eligible to receive a pre-qualification letter from the lender.

Pre- approval requires much more detailing like a combination of credit report, lender information and bank statements which is a sort of mortgage commitment. Pre approval is essential and acts as a deciding factor for multiple offer situations on choosing the seller.

  • Financing

Financing are of different types which are conventional loan and FHA program offering loan scheme having strict guidelines. If the buyer has FHA loan approved, he would be obviously eligible for conventional loan. Depending on the mortgage, the seller should consider which buyer to proceed with.

  • Plans of the seller

It is must to know the future plans of the seller and it is the duty of the real estate agent to gather information whether the seller is planning to sell the property immediately or retain the ownership and give it out for rent. Then the real estate agents should make corresponding offer to the seller.

  • Deposit and down payment

If the buyer is keen on purchasing the property, he would go ahead and pay the security deposit to the seller. The amount differs from buyer to buyer and the seller now chooses the buyer who has deposited the larger amount.

Down payment will also attract the seller to choose you as he gets a perception that the buyer has saved a large amount of money for the down payment. The one who makes highest down payment will be favorable for the seller.

  • Home inspection

Decade ago, the buyer would go for home inspection only if the offer is approved and seller would show his property. Nowadays, home inspection may create an opinion in seller mind that you are keenly interested in buying and you will stand ahead of the other buyers. Do not skip home inspection as it is turning out to one of the contingency.

  • Writing notes

A piece of letter would actually have an emotional value and some sellers consider you during the “multiple offer situations”.

  •  Bidding and closing date

When you know you are competing with 10 or more buyers, stay firm with your offer and terms. Make sure your real estate agent also convey the same to the seller and enquire about the closing date from the seller.


The scam  may happen via a real estate agent itself stating that someone else have won in the multiple offer situation or pretends if there are multiple offers for the same property or telling you to bid the highest so that seller may choose you.

In order to prevent such scams, DC Fawcett, the real estate professional has started a virtual real estate investing club where blogs on multiple offers situations can be read by the investors.

Suggestions when buying your first investment property – Dc Fawcett Reviews


Many people who have invested in the real estate have turned affluent. So, real estate investment might seem a viable option.  But, you need to contemplate much before you make any move.  Purchasing the first investment property is not an easy task.  When you carry it out smoothly, investment in property could produce a steady income.

Browse through a number of properties:

Some investors just make a speedy skimming through the property in the vicinity, and they dive head first into the deal. It is to be noted that these people are spending more than the actual value of the property.

Suggestions when buying your first investment property

You need to thoroughly go through many properties in the vicinity, and also in other areas before you choose a property.  You need to come to terms with the worth of the property, and you need to make sure that it helps you attain your monetary ends.  Skimming through hundred properties might seem like a lot.  But, as the internet plays a major role, it is much easier to browse through a number of properties.  There are a number of websites which enable easy search for properties.  Do a fair study, and browse through a lot of properties before buying one.

Do not become emotional:

Being emotional plays a major role in the purchase of the property, and it could hinder the process of selecting the right property.  You will end up paying more than the actual value of the property.  Usually, sane decisions are not taken when the emotion overtakes.  The fact being that it is your residence, there will certainly be a role played by the emotions.  But, take the investment as a financial transaction, and consider it like purchasing stocks.

Make way for investment goals:

You have to set a financial target before you go for acquiring a property. Some people cannot actualize on what property would yield them fruitful results.

It is not a sane decision to choose a property which has not been maintained well. This is particularly the case when it comes to earning a passive income.  Ending up buying a property in the rural area is not the desirable out come if you want speedy capital growth.

Setting a financial goal helps you self-actualize and understand what your needs are.  You can buy properties that adhere to the goal.

Putting investment into property is a sound decision when you want to acquire profitable returns.

Do not hasten:

When purchasing the first investment property, some people tend to be impulsive and they get excited.  Also, they desire to purchase property as soon as they can. But, understand that the market is there always, and properties for sales are always accessible.  Do not go out and pay an exorbitant sum on a property which is not going to get you the profits.  Take sufficient time for the research of the property when you are purchasing property in vicinity that you do not know.

Make a thorough research in the area:

You might be residing in the area for quite a long time.  But, that does not imply that you have a full understanding regarding the property.  And, you have to understand what the property is going to yield in your desired area.

Make a comparison with other properties in the area and understand what the rental returns are.  Go for a property that is desired by everyone in the area.

Conclusion  :

DC Fawcett is a real estate entrepreneur come trainer, helping all real estate fervents to achieve their goals by means of his seminar and camps. In addition, he also teaches how to develop a real estate business and produce different income streams.